Mayport’s mission is to deliver exceptional service on fair terms. Specifically, this means straightforward, hourly fees, rather than the traditional 1%-of-assets that is the industry norm. With Mayport, there are no proprietary products, soft dollars or other hidden fees. Click here to view Mayport’s complete fee table, and please contact us any time with questions.


The Impact of Investment Expenses

What are high fees costing you?

If you are working with an advisor who charges you a percentage of your assets, it could literally cost you millions:

  • Percentage-based fees increase automatically as you add to your savings
  • Percentage-based fees increase automatically as the market goes up over time
Growth of a $2 Million Portfolio

Assumes $2 million initial value, 7% annual returns, Mayport fee of $10,000 increasing at 3% per year; traditional advisory fee of 1% of beginning-of-year value.