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Mayport Wealth Management is a Boston-based Registered Investment Advisor providing wealth management on a straightforward flat fee basis.


// Founder and Principal

My mission at Mayport is to deliver exceptional service on fair terms. Specifically, this means a straightforward, flat fee, rather than the traditional 1%-of-assets that is the industry norm.

I earned my MBA from the MIT Sloan School and BA from Williams College. I am a CFA charterholder.

I believe in an evidence-based approach to investing. This philosophy is informed by academic research and confirmed by my own experience. I believe that investors should work hard to control those factors that are predictable—including fees, expenses, commissions and taxes—and should not spend time trying to control factors that are outside their control. This includes the future direction of the economy, of the stock market or of individual stock prices. For these reasons, Mayport favors straightforward investments that carry low fees.

You can learn more about my investment philosophy on the Mayport blog and in podcast interviews with The White Coat Investor and SeekingAlpha. You can also find my writing on the personal finance website HumbleDollar.com.

sHANE p. kELLY, cfa


Shane joined Mayport in 2023 after working previously at Putnam Investments and HarbourVest Partners.

Shane's responsibilities include investment analysis and financial planning, helping clients to work toward their financial goals.

Shane graduated from Boston College in 2019 with a degree in economics and is a CFA charterholder.

Shane is originally from Westwood, Massachusetts.

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