1. Organize

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Our first step is to get to know you, your finances and your goals.

We start every relationship by understanding your entire financial picture.

Many investment managers focus only on the accounts that they manage. Mayport is different. We build a complete personal balance sheet, organizing all of your assets and liabilities on one page and consider your asset allocation across your entire balance sheet. Then we maintain and update your balance sheet over time, allowing you to track progress toward your goals.

2. Plan

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Before we invest the first dollar, Mayport builds a detailed financial plan. We start with a series of meetings, in person or virtually, to understand all of your financial goals, questions and concerns. Then, we prepare a complete written plan. Every financial plan is different, but a typical plan includes these sections:

Retirement Savings plan, for those in their working years

After building your balance sheet, Mayport will develop a set of lifetime cash flow projections, providing a roadmap to retirement.

"Retirement Paycheck" plan, for those in retirement

When you enter retirement, and especially when you reach age 70, Mayport will advise you on Social Security and investment withdrawal strategies to minimize your tax burden.

Education Financing

If you have school-age children, Mayport will develop a tuition financing strategy. We’ll calculate how much you should be saving and help you set up 529 accounts.

Student Loans

If you have significant student loans, Mayport will help you choose a repayment strategy.

Real Estate

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, considering a vacation home or thinking about downsizing, Mayport can help you analyze the options.


Mayport will assess your disability, life and umbrella insurance policies to ensure that you have the most appropriate type and amount of coverage.

Estate Taxes

As an investment adviser, Mayport does not provide formal tax or estate planning advice. But, we are aware of the relevant issues and opportunities and will make suggestions and coordinate planning strategies directly with your other advisors.

Your Specific Questions

Your financial plan will be as unique as you are. If you have stock options, we’ll develop an exercise strategy. If you have a pension, we’ll help you select a benefit option and an retirement date. If you have a whole life policy, we can help you decide whether to retain or to liquidate it. If you’ve received a windfall, we can help you structure a plan to make it last. Whatever your questions or concerns, Mayport will provide answers and solutions.

3. Manage

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After developing your financial plan, Mayport will assume overall responsibility for advising on and managing your investment assets.

Asset Allocation

The first, and in our view, the most important, step in the investment process is to decide on an asset allocation—that is, the split between stocks, bonds, cash, real estate and other investments.

Building a Portfolio from Scratch

After deciding on an asset allocation, Mayport will build an investment portfolio using low-cost, broadly-diversified index funds.

Transitioning an Existing Portfolio

Do you have an existing portfolio of individual stocks or high-cost mutual funds that are difficult to sell due to unrealized gains? Mayport employs powerful technology to build a portfolio around those highly-appreciated investments such that your overall portfolio hews more closely to the overall market.

Risk Management

In our experience, a client’s mathematical risk tolerance often differs from their emotional risk tolerance. In addition, one spouse’s risk tolerance may differ from the other’s. For that reason, Mayport works to assess all of these variables and will advise you on structuring your portfolio in a way that attempts to balance these objectives.

Investment Guidance for Your Retirement Accounts

Mayport will help you select appropriate investments for each of your retirement accounts and will integrate those assets into your overall investment plan. When it is appropriate to rebalance an account, Mayport will provide instructions to walk you through this process.

Ongoing Management

We will regularly monitor your portfolio, rebalancing and making other adjustments as needed.

4. Report

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Regular reporting and online access to help monitor progress toward your goals.

Monthly Reports

On a monthly basis, you will receive detailed reports on your accounts. Performance will be reported on a time-weighted basis, allowing you to compare your account to indices such as the S&P 500. Performance will also be reported on a dollar basis, so that you can track the dollar growth of your portfolio.

Customized Web Portal

Mayport will create a personal web portal for you. In addition to monitoring the accounts that Mayport manages, you will be able to connect your other financial accounts, such as your 401(k), as well as non-investment assets, such as your home and mortgage, so you have access to a complete picture of your finances at all times.

5. Advise

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Annual Action Plan

After creating and implementing your initial plan, we develop an Annual Action Plan. This personalized financial calendar ensures that everything happens reliably each year, on schedule.

Cash Allocation

In each year that your income exceeds your expenses, Mayport will assist you in evaluating options for allocating the surplus (for example, debt paydown, taxable savings, retirement savings, other investment opportunities, college 529 savings, charitable giving, etc.).

Retirement Account Strategies

Each year, Mayport will work with you to evaluate options for your retirement accounts, whether it’s an IRA contribution, a Roth contribution, an indirect Roth contribution, a rollover or a withdrawal. Mayport normally consults directly with your CPA in formulating recommendations.

Ongoing Advice and Planning

As your family and career evolve, Mayport will serve as your financial guide. We will update your plan on an ongoing basis and will help you think through key financial decisions as they arise. Examples might include: car purchase/lease decisions; home refinancing; retirement timing; stock option exercises; charitable gifting; estate tax planning / family gifting; or questions about your pension.

Working with Mayport

Unlike most investment firms, Mayport does not believe in traditional percentage-of-assets fees. Instead, we work with clients on a flat-fee basis:

Emerging wealth (investment assets up to $2 million): $6,000 per year
High-net-worth individuals ($2-$15 million): $10,000 per year
High-net-worth couples and families ($2-$15 million): $15,000 per year
High-net-worth + (over $15 million): $20,000 per year

getting started is easy:

Step 1

Schedule a call to discuss your financial goals and questions. We'll also be happy to review your current portfolio.

Step 2

We'll provide a proposal for your review.

Step 3

We’ll schedule a kick-off call to start the planning process at your convenience.